Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a wonderful day!!

Today is just glorious. The sky is beautifully blue, it is warm, and breezy, just perfect I tell you.
Last night was a different story. All of a sudden , it was like a hurricane. The wind was forceful, the thundering deafening, and lightning lite the sky, and the streets as the electricity failed. Eventually it calmed down, but not before a dreadful path of destruction. Branches down, debris all about, electric poles down after being hit by lightning. No air conditioning, and worst triple jeopardy; IO was out: no cable,no phone no Internet, even after the electricity was repair in the early hours of the morning. It was like living in the middle ages, not really. But how spoiled are we, and how vulnerable? That is why I will delight my senses and enjoy such a beautiful day.
Today is also Wednesday: a day of decisions. Like when one finds oneself in the middle of things, decisions, ( Weds. in the middle of the week). Since Krista was unable to show me how to download anything, I have decided not to do it eg. my decision for today.

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