Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scrapbooking: Hobby or Nightmare

The beginning
At first glance one would say: scrap booking, it sounds fun. A new hobby to spend spare time. A pretty way to organize pictures, and momentous from an event in our lives. But soon this hobby will take a life of its own.
The archival intent of scrap booking will become "A need to collect".
The need to collect will take over every waking moment, even over your dreams as all those gadgets, and supplies will flash in your unconscious mind. These dreams will soon become realities as you find yourself driving to the stores. As time goes by, you won't even need your car (this is good since gas is so expensive) you will find your fingers navigating you via the web to find the many on line places to satisfy your needs.
Money may be a problem, soon to be dissipated, as you know, that is why there is "Master Card". The biggest problem will be space, or rather the lack of it, as things will first pile on your dinning room table, and later on all over.
Space, space, space a priority in the ever evolving world of scrap booking. The industry responding to the need to collect, and anticipating the 'more is better' phenomenon has responded with the over creation of new stuff; hence creating a conflict.
Most scrapbookers have taken over a room in their home, usually a spare room like a guest room, a room in the basement(a small closet like area) dinning room(who eats in?) hubby's computer room (useful as it houses a computer), or all of the above. But the one thing they all share is that after occupying the horizontal space, soon the scrapbooker will need to build up.
Places like Ikea, Target,etc have come to the rescue and cubes, and other storing structures have become available. So you might ask yourselves: Where is the conflict? The husband.

To be continued...

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Judy said...

Genny, your whole blog is great but this particular string is especially meangingful for me... Holy crap, my collection is HUGE!!!