Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trip to Maryland October 2012

My two sister in law and myself took a bus trip
to Maryland.  We first went to St. Jude's shrine,
where we attended the Sunday morning mass.
After eating some refreshments at the shrine's
cafeteria and doing a little shopping at the gift
shop we took pictures of the chapel and outside
of the church.
We all got back in the bus, and after a short drive
we got out at the seaport.  What a beautiful place!
We had wanted to take a ride on one of the many boats around the bay, but time was not on our side. So we settled for a walking tour filled with picture
after picture of the sites and us of course.
We enjoyed a nice late lunch with the view of the
bay and I promised myself to go back soon.
The trip back was a long one and I caught Irma
taking a nap. Zoraida and myself enjoyed a musical
video and chatted about crafting

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life is for living

It is hard to belief that our beloved kitty is 3 years old. Not quite sure about the day of her birth, we
have decided to celebrate it on the last Sunday of February.
She came to us mid march 3 years ago. Frail, thin and perhaps at the edge of dying. A small kitten,
so tiny so precious.  We fed her and she ate so eagerly, I remember how endearing she soon became.
After taking her to the vet we were told she had leukemia. The vet recommended she be put to sleep.
None of us were able to sleep that night, how could we end the life of the very kitten we had just
brought back to life.  We secured a second opinion, which collaborated the first one.  However we had
a choice, vaccinating our other cat Gato and treating Agatha immediate problems such an eye infection,
and other minor ailments. Loving her every second of each minute and naturing her constantly.
A few $$$ and 3 years later she is our beloved and skittish kitten. Life is for living and Agatha knows that very well.  Enjoy the moment and share every second with all who are meaningful in your life

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another layout

So it seems that time has a way of
catching up with me.  This is one of 
the layouts I finished at Palmyra.
As usual my plans are grand, the results not so much.
This is a picture of Alex and Papo
by the Hudson river.  We went out
for brunch to celebrate Papo's 29th 
birthday. He has finally caught up 
to me in years!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 Ellen, Judy, and myself enjoyed 3 fun filled days @ Palmyra Inn for a crop.
Arriving at Ellen's on Thursday by 9:30 pm, excitement overshadowed the quietness
of a household trying to sleep, sorry Ellen.
Food preparation, chop,chop chop of healthy vegetables preceded the Michael's
shop,shop,shop trip for much needed crafting indulgence.  After picking up some
extra groceries, and having lunch, Judy and I drove to the inn.  Ellen joined us
later.  We each had a 8 foot table plus one extra one (Louise's) for the community
tools to be shared and kept neatly!!!
We talked, and planned and talked, and ate, and talked. Some crafting also took place.
Sleep was scarce, but like I told Judy we were on vacation.

Lots of space

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Road Trip!!!

Well I hope you gals are getting ready!
I know I am.  I have pictures, papers, sketches
all over the dinning room table. So much to do so little time.
Judy and I are driving to Ellen in less than 48 hours
for a wild scrapbooking getaway way up north in Palmyra, this is really a ROAD TRIP!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting ready

In an effort to take advantage of every second of my upcoming crop I've been sketcing pages, separating pictures, choosing papers. I can't wait.  I have so much still to do and so little time!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two Beautiful Girls

Agatha and Krista

They are just beautiful!


This is my little kitty, Agatha.  She loves to go on Pinterest.  She also enjoys sitting on my scrapbooking papers. She is one of my favorite subjects when taking pictures. She is not always cooperative, but she is photogenic.  She also enjoys the computer not only for sitting on it, but she likes to investigate what is under the keys.  She has been known to rearrange the keyboard, that is why my husband has nickname her "the IT department".


To be showered with lovely presents.  All those things that we have always wanted, and those we never knew we did!
But no matter how small or how big, and I actually mean the size of the garment, a present is always welcomed with a smile, and a big THANK YOU.
After all the thinking, money and time that goes into getting this special one of a kind gift; one can expect expressed gratitude from the recipient.
Some people subscribe to the "gift card" trend.  A much easier, faster and convenient way to endear ourselves to those loved ones.  But how can a thoughtful gifter delegate the size and color to the giftee, and one must not forget that those people who work for costumer service need that job behind the "returns" counter!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another completed layout

This is one of the other two layouts I completed.
This was in New York City, when Krista and I went to Radio City.

Layout of Krista shopping for her shore inspired tree

Krista and I went to Michael's to find ornaments for her shore inspired tree, back on 11/2012.
In a recent crop w/ my sister in law Kelly I completed this one of three layouts. Inspired by Judy I am updating, and reclaiming my Blog.

Judy this one is for you

Updating my blog, so much to write; however it can all be summarized by just saying that blogging means daily, weekly or at the very least monthly updates.  A big commitment yet worth it.
I intend to post layouts, cards and updates of my crafting adventures as well as personal insight.  Where to find the latest bargains$$$$$$ the latest crafting must haves, and of course enable you my reader.  
I must confess that blogging for me is self taught as I am not acquainted with any one who blogs.  I am not proficient, not ever knowledgeable as to the importing, inserting, blah, blah blah that comes along with blogging.  I will do my best.