Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life is for living

It is hard to belief that our beloved kitty is 3 years old. Not quite sure about the day of her birth, we
have decided to celebrate it on the last Sunday of February.
She came to us mid march 3 years ago. Frail, thin and perhaps at the edge of dying. A small kitten,
so tiny so precious.  We fed her and she ate so eagerly, I remember how endearing she soon became.
After taking her to the vet we were told she had leukemia. The vet recommended she be put to sleep.
None of us were able to sleep that night, how could we end the life of the very kitten we had just
brought back to life.  We secured a second opinion, which collaborated the first one.  However we had
a choice, vaccinating our other cat Gato and treating Agatha immediate problems such an eye infection,
and other minor ailments. Loving her every second of each minute and naturing her constantly.
A few $$$ and 3 years later she is our beloved and skittish kitten. Life is for living and Agatha knows that very well.  Enjoy the moment and share every second with all who are meaningful in your life

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