Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 Ellen, Judy, and myself enjoyed 3 fun filled days @ Palmyra Inn for a crop.
Arriving at Ellen's on Thursday by 9:30 pm, excitement overshadowed the quietness
of a household trying to sleep, sorry Ellen.
Food preparation, chop,chop chop of healthy vegetables preceded the Michael's
shop,shop,shop trip for much needed crafting indulgence.  After picking up some
extra groceries, and having lunch, Judy and I drove to the inn.  Ellen joined us
later.  We each had a 8 foot table plus one extra one (Louise's) for the community
tools to be shared and kept neatly!!!
We talked, and planned and talked, and ate, and talked. Some crafting also took place.
Sleep was scarce, but like I told Judy we were on vacation.

Lots of space

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