Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And now we wrap!!!

I believe, that I am almost done with my Christmas's shopping. A couple of small things will complete the longgggggggg list. Now comes the wrapping. Tissues, boxes, ribbons, tulle, snowflakes, homemade tags, jingle bells, tape, and hours of work (I mean fun with a capital F).
It would be a lot easier to just allocate each gift to "le gift bag", but that would be too easy and not up to the standards of a crafty person like moi! I like to do things by theme. This year I am going for blue paper with white snowflakes. To decorate the wrapped boxes I'll be using tulle and snowflakes. Tinsel and jingle bells to complement the snowflakes in the tags.
I enjoy wrapping the gifts, it is the mess that bothers me. I kind of leave things for the last minute and the rushing takes a lot of the fun away.
My family will comment on the gifts, but will mercilessly rip my wrapping apart. Some of the decorations for the gifts will make their way to the Christmas tree, but most will perish along with the boxes and the tissues and the gift wrap.
I need to remember to take pictures before the frenzy begins at the end of the day it is all about the pictures, and the memories that make it all worth it. And more papers, and ribbons and tape, a snowflake here and there to complement that picture in a scrapbook page.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I am back!!

Well! hard to belief that so much time has gone by and I have not updated this blog. Almost gone 2011 has been quite a year, and yet it was just another year. Another year that brought lessons learned, sadness and tears, but most important an awareness that life as I've known can change in the blink of an eye. I've had the opportunity to be grateful for Gods love, and I am humbled for his grace. I am grateful for all I have, but mostly for all that he has spared me.
I am also lucky for the friends an family with whom I share my blessings, and I pray that I never loose sight of this.