Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gabriel celebrated his High School graduation as well as his 18th birthday on July 6th 2013.
Zoraida prepared an elaborate and quite successful party for him.
We all had a great time, enjoyed and danced to spicy latin music as well as to music best suited for younger and more flexible bodies.
The food and the Pina Coladas were delicious, too.  Tastefully decorated, the well appointed venue was the perfect place for family and friends to make memorable hours to warm the heart for years to come.
It is difficult to belief that Gabriel has grown so fast, I am sure Zoraida and Rudy are looking forward to continue celebrating Gabriel's future endeavors.


Krista and I spend a beautiful day at Lambertville's flea market.
It was quite hot that day. The 2 hour trip started with a short stop at a Michael's near by our destination.
It was quite a large flea market, with great finds of milk glass.
We run out of energy, just as we browse through the last few tables. I am planning a trip back at the beginning of Fall.
The place was full of people. Most people do their shopping early in the morning and by 12pm most of the dealers start collecting their wears. Next time we will stop at Michael's on our way back!
Lunch at New Hope and a little window shopping concluded a wonderful day trip!
Lunch with Krista

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Artiste

The light among the shadows
Alex and one of his friend visited The Museum Of Art in NYC last week. This is one of the pictures that Alex took at the museum. I think that it is a beautiful as well as an artistic photograph. He took many pictures of the museum, some of the pieces on display at the museum and of course pictures of his friend. But I like this one in particular, and specially the way in which he was able to feature the light as the subject of his composition.

Scrapbooking with Kelly!

Yesterday I spent most of my day with my sister in law Kelly. We went over to her friend and neighbor Michelle who frequently organizes crops at her home. I've attended a few of the crops that Michelle runs at a church local to them, but most certainly not to me!
Now that I've joined the FB group 50 projects, I am very committed to complete as many pages and cards as possible. I am a very slow scrapbooker; however I enjoy the process better than the quantity of layouts.

This was the first page I did. I have to add some journaling to this page.
My second page came together a little faster as I had a sketch and I knew what I wanted to do with it. I had wanted to use my Thickets since I had (before joining 50 projects) bought so many at TJMaxx.
I have to finish my 3rd and last project of the day, later today. I did take a short class and made a make and take, but it will need pictures and extra embellishments.
The day was a success, not only because I made a few pages but also because I spent a day with Kelly, Michelle and a few other lovely ladies. Michelle's family is very friendly and her children were quite helpful and gracious. I also visited with my niece Julia who is  quite a gifted story writer. She read for me 2 chapters of her new soon to be "published" book, and of course it was great to spend time with my "little" brother Julio. It was a great day!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have joined a group on Facebook called 50 projects. Basically the members commit to completing 50 projects before adding to our arsenal of supplies. Most of us myself included, have at least 2 of most existing crafting supplies.
Running out of room and over flooded by our "stash" we have forgotten that the purpose for those supplies is to create. I had already cut down on my trips to Michael's and other craft stores but what I really enjoy about the group is the support and encouragement among the members. Projects are posted and seen by every one. Inspiration is abundant in this group. I am very motivated and have completed 2/50 so far, hoping to make a dent on my number of projects with a crop that I will attend with my sister in law this Saturday.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tony and I went out for what seems to be our new Saturday morning walk, to the flea market at the Meadowland. This time we headed out earlier than last Saturday. It was warm, but not as hot and humid as on our last trip. Tony wants to go there for a nice walk, I have my own agenda. I am in search for milk glass to set up a candy station in my scrap room. A few weeks ago we had gone to the antique emporium in Sommerville where I found some pieces. They are a bit pricier there, although I was lucky to find some good bargains.
The silver crest pieces are from the trip to Sommerville, the other 2 pieces are from the flea market. I did spot a couple of other pieces, but Tony was getting upset and began to doubt my commitment to go there for the walk. What ever gave him that idea?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parque de la 80
Midday on June's first Sunday, a hot affair indeed, Tony and myself set out for a stroll around the lake. Not quite 80 degrees  the rising thermometer is a reminder that Spring, short lived, has conceited to an early summer.  Only our desire to circle the lake twice, can overshadows the heated demands of the sun to seek refuge under the trees.
Home bound to the cooling power of central air, we finally give in.


Sunday morning! It is great to sleep in late, even if the phone camera keeps snapping pictures of me with every move I make.  Obviously some one enjoys his Z's as much as I do!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh Yeah, Brunch

Since the weather had decided to cooperate, I thought it would be a good idea for a little brunch  with the family. Yesterday was Memorial Day, the usual hot dog, hamburger fair type of day. However we decided to be different and ob ted for the less usual, quiche, strawberries and champagne affair.
It was a wonderful brunch followed by a lazy and long well enjoyed siesta.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Well I guess Xena and Loki will have to wait yet another day to go home since their lovely mother Krista seems to be relaxing with a great view, sorry Loki you'll have to eat steak again !!!


Today is Memorial Day.  Xena and Loki have been visiting since last Thursday when their mother Krista brought them over.
They have enjoyed the company of Agatha and Alex as well as the comforts of grand mama's and grand papa's room and board.  Sadly they will  soon be leaving for home.
Memorial Day is almost over, Home Sweet Home!!!
Xena waiting!

Dreams of Spring

Some where in North Bergen
What a beautiful day! I love spring, beautiful sunny days, filled with life and carefree delights, a beginning of sorts.
There  is a gentle breeze that awakens my senses and yet the warmth of the sun offers a refuge to a tired mind lingering in the joy of a dream.
I shall dream of an eternal spring where fantasy and reality are but one.  And when I wake, if I should, I want to see the leaves dancing in the wind!

Friday, May 24, 2013


I just booked our cruise.  Can't wait to relax with a drink in the hand and a dream in the heart, as the ocean waves rocks me in a slumber. It is exciting to see ocean and heaven mingled together in the horizon. Oh yeah, can't wait!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The prom flowers
These are brief blooming spring flowers most beautiful in the month of May.  Soon they will fall apart leaving a brief but beautiful memory engraved in the  digital image recorded on my phone , and a post in Facebook.  We refer to them as "the prom flowers" since Krista, and Jean-Karl have posed by this very bush all dressed up in their best, prior to leaving for the prom.
Recently Alex went to his junior prom; however it took place in April, and my beautiful flowers were still in a slumber.
I wanted to start using my cricut cartridges to make more cards
Disney's Mickey Cartridge is not the easiest to piece together
specially when cutting smaller sizes. Minnie was cut at 4 inches which is the largest size for a 4x5.5 card. When it comes to gluing the smaller pieces like the eyes, and tongue it is quite difficult due to the size. I think that the next time I cut a new character I will cut it larger six inches or more so I can use it as a reference when putting a smaller one together.
I ended up giving Alex the card. Apparently he was going out with a "friend" for a croissant and chocolate. I offered to give him the card to give to his "friend". She loved the card and was quick to thank Alex for the lovely detail!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Krista is back

This is a late posting of picking Krista at the airport from her trip to San Antonio, Texas
As seen on


Celebrating Kristas
Since Krista and Jean-Karl were away for Krista's birthday,
we went out last Sunday for a celebratory dinner to
P.F. Chang's China bistro in West New York, NJ.
I had never been there, and I enjoyed the food as well as the company of the family.  Our children grow too fast, but for ever in our hearts.  Have I told you Krista that I love you every day more and more?


Today I enjoyed a nice lunch with all my children, and Loki my grand dog.  It was a beautiful spring day.  We ate outside in the patio where we were able to appreciate the warmth of the sun and the gentle caress of a cool breeze.  I have beautiful flowers, some scrappy goodness and a coupon to spend girls only time with Krista.  I had a great day!!!
Mother's Day 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Ninja is visiting while her daddy Juan-Carlos is on a "business trip".  She has become quite comfortable in her suite, enjoying the attention of the household including cousin Loki who sort of ignores her unless she is the recipient of some attention .
ia all the time

it's like Work

Who's birthday was it anyway?

Krista's birthday was on 4/27/13 @ 4:36 pm.  I wanted to say Happy Birthday right on time, but I did not want her to think I forgot her birthday, so I sent her messages most of the day hourly from all sort of sources, sacrificing myself I went to Michael's so I could fill up one of the hours. Mothers do whatever is needed for their children!


Agatha loves taking possession of any new box that comes in the house.

Another box

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thinking College

Alex will be taking his SAT's in May.  Good luck!
Must do well, opportunity knocking, it sure helps if you have a door!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Sunday March 31st 2013
I wanted to wish every one a happy Easter.
We celebrated at home a quiet Sunday lunch, together toasting to the greatness of love and family. The best things in life are usually those things that we take for granted. We are blessed to have each other and to be able to enjoy each other's company, not only today when we celebrated Easter Sunday but every Sunday when we just celebrate the joy of life.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


It is a beautiful day, finally !


Recently Juan Carlos had to take a business trip and left Ninja with us. She is a very playful kitty. Unfortunately we could not allow Agatha and Ninja to play with each other since Ninja has not been vaccinated against leukemia, and Agatha is a carrier.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Agatha loves to fall asleep on top of Tony's
jacket.  I like the way she curls up to go to sleep she looks like an angel.
She is a good sleeper and will sleep at least 20 hours in any given day, she has many favorite places all through the house to take in a good siesta.
To know her is to love her, please do not wake the princess up!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work in progress

This is a 2 page layout that i am working on at present.
My 3 children May 2011.   I used 2 cuts from the cameo that I purchased at a crop.
I currently have a Cricut that I love, but I am thinking That I will be needing the Cameo
I love those SC wood veneer! Stay tune for completed lay out.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Agatha likes to lie inside an aluminum tray in the closet.

Happy Birthday card

card measures 51/2 x 41/4 in. Papers used My Minds Eyes 6x6 "quite contrary" . Cricut cartridge Classic Font page 68, cut at 2 inches

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two more layouts

Two more layouts
at the last crop

More layouts

This is a 2 page layout that I completed at the
last crop I attended with Krista, Judy, Catherine
and Delia.  On our trip to Radio City, Krista protested about the frequent pictures I took.
Funny to realize that her cat Xena feels the same way!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Alex enjoying the last snow of the YEAR!, go it Mother Nature?  Most of the snow melting down already.


Well I do. This is the room that Krista and I shared at the Scraparoni crop.  We woke up early and went to sleep late in the hopes to get caught up with our scrapbooking.
It was a nice suite that we shared with Delia, Judy and Catherine.  Two bedrooms with a sitting area in between a small kitchenette that featured a refrigerator filled with cheese and wine that we brought and did not finish. It was a nice room.


Catherine, Delia, Judy, Krista and I shared a weekend of scrapbooking, chatting, eating, shopping, chatting, shopping,
eating, chatting, and did I mention scrapbooking? 3/1/13-3/3/13
I enjoyed myself, and I was able to complete 12 pages, and one that I had started on our last crop at Palmyra.  Well I still have to add a tittle and some journaling to some of the pages.
I got a nice Ott light lamp, and lots of goodies.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trip to Maryland October 2012

My two sister in law and myself took a bus trip
to Maryland.  We first went to St. Jude's shrine,
where we attended the Sunday morning mass.
After eating some refreshments at the shrine's
cafeteria and doing a little shopping at the gift
shop we took pictures of the chapel and outside
of the church.
We all got back in the bus, and after a short drive
we got out at the seaport.  What a beautiful place!
We had wanted to take a ride on one of the many boats around the bay, but time was not on our side. So we settled for a walking tour filled with picture
after picture of the sites and us of course.
We enjoyed a nice late lunch with the view of the
bay and I promised myself to go back soon.
The trip back was a long one and I caught Irma
taking a nap. Zoraida and myself enjoyed a musical
video and chatted about crafting

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life is for living

It is hard to belief that our beloved kitty is 3 years old. Not quite sure about the day of her birth, we
have decided to celebrate it on the last Sunday of February.
She came to us mid march 3 years ago. Frail, thin and perhaps at the edge of dying. A small kitten,
so tiny so precious.  We fed her and she ate so eagerly, I remember how endearing she soon became.
After taking her to the vet we were told she had leukemia. The vet recommended she be put to sleep.
None of us were able to sleep that night, how could we end the life of the very kitten we had just
brought back to life.  We secured a second opinion, which collaborated the first one.  However we had
a choice, vaccinating our other cat Gato and treating Agatha immediate problems such an eye infection,
and other minor ailments. Loving her every second of each minute and naturing her constantly.
A few $$$ and 3 years later she is our beloved and skittish kitten. Life is for living and Agatha knows that very well.  Enjoy the moment and share every second with all who are meaningful in your life

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another layout

So it seems that time has a way of
catching up with me.  This is one of 
the layouts I finished at Palmyra.
As usual my plans are grand, the results not so much.
This is a picture of Alex and Papo
by the Hudson river.  We went out
for brunch to celebrate Papo's 29th 
birthday. He has finally caught up 
to me in years!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 Ellen, Judy, and myself enjoyed 3 fun filled days @ Palmyra Inn for a crop.
Arriving at Ellen's on Thursday by 9:30 pm, excitement overshadowed the quietness
of a household trying to sleep, sorry Ellen.
Food preparation, chop,chop chop of healthy vegetables preceded the Michael's
shop,shop,shop trip for much needed crafting indulgence.  After picking up some
extra groceries, and having lunch, Judy and I drove to the inn.  Ellen joined us
later.  We each had a 8 foot table plus one extra one (Louise's) for the community
tools to be shared and kept neatly!!!
We talked, and planned and talked, and ate, and talked. Some crafting also took place.
Sleep was scarce, but like I told Judy we were on vacation.

Lots of space

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Road Trip!!!

Well I hope you gals are getting ready!
I know I am.  I have pictures, papers, sketches
all over the dinning room table. So much to do so little time.
Judy and I are driving to Ellen in less than 48 hours
for a wild scrapbooking getaway way up north in Palmyra, this is really a ROAD TRIP!!!