Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tony and I went out for what seems to be our new Saturday morning walk, to the flea market at the Meadowland. This time we headed out earlier than last Saturday. It was warm, but not as hot and humid as on our last trip. Tony wants to go there for a nice walk, I have my own agenda. I am in search for milk glass to set up a candy station in my scrap room. A few weeks ago we had gone to the antique emporium in Sommerville where I found some pieces. They are a bit pricier there, although I was lucky to find some good bargains.
The silver crest pieces are from the trip to Sommerville, the other 2 pieces are from the flea market. I did spot a couple of other pieces, but Tony was getting upset and began to doubt my commitment to go there for the walk. What ever gave him that idea?

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