Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trip to Maryland October 2012

My two sister in law and myself took a bus trip
to Maryland.  We first went to St. Jude's shrine,
where we attended the Sunday morning mass.
After eating some refreshments at the shrine's
cafeteria and doing a little shopping at the gift
shop we took pictures of the chapel and outside
of the church.
We all got back in the bus, and after a short drive
we got out at the seaport.  What a beautiful place!
We had wanted to take a ride on one of the many boats around the bay, but time was not on our side. So we settled for a walking tour filled with picture
after picture of the sites and us of course.
We enjoyed a nice late lunch with the view of the
bay and I promised myself to go back soon.
The trip back was a long one and I caught Irma
taking a nap. Zoraida and myself enjoyed a musical
video and chatted about crafting

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