Sunday, June 15, 2008

Conflict: The HUBBY

Oh yes most of us in conflict with our hobby, have "THE HUBBY". At first he was supportive. Delighted to see you meeting new people. Happy to see you go away for the weekend with these new friends. He even put up shelves in that "room" in the basement. His excitement soon gave way to discontent as those supplies multiplied magically. The overwhelmed shelves required multiple additions, and the small room in the basement, took over the entire square footage of the basement. The money spent is also one of those delicate subject best left out of any discussion. God knows we try our best to bring those bags in when he is asleep, or even store them in the car trunk, but at times an explanation is necessary if the UPS guy comes when you are not home. My hubby's favorite phrase is: "You know all those things that you no longer buy on the Internet, they just got home". Of course I could see his point of view, if not for the clutter.
Clutter, another difficult problem to address, but so common . It often gets in the way of completing the perfect layout. Looking for that flower, or that ribbon that I know I have is frustrating, forcing me to purchase new stuff.
The coupon curseThis can be summarized in a few simple words. If I have a coupon for 40% off, I must buy something that is not on sale. The more expensive this Item is, the more I'll save. When something is on sale for 50% off, I usually get two. Thrifty, I know!!

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Krista said...

That is hilarious!