Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A dear friend of mine was recently faced with a decision. Forced is a more accurate statement. After working for many years in this particular department, she was in need of a change. Change does not come easily to my friend. Change compromises the safety that one finds in the familiarity of the status quo. Change evokes responsibilities new to us, and fearfully we ask ourselves: "Am I capable". Life is not stationary, as a matter of fact, life changes with each breath we take. But my friend just went for the ride not aware of the microscopic changes that took place around her daily. She just let it happen. A follower, whose opportunities were limited by other people's choices. She learned new protocols, and performed adequately, even exceptionally, unnoticed behind this anonymous status.
One day, her predictable personality met her emptiness. I don't know exactly what made her snap. Perhaps it was an awareness that she needed to take control of the impending changes coming her way. Perhaps it was a psychotic moment, she did not think twice about it. She moved on, leaving decades of seniority behind. Leaving "the status quo". She did not look back after she had made her decision. The same stubbornness that carried her all this year, liberated her from herself. Some people say that life begins at "50". Life begins when we become aware that we are alive. For some people the journey has many curves, others go uphill against adversity. Some people take the unpaved road, while others try to catch a ride, but the important thing is to get there.

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