Friday, June 12, 2009


I know what you ("my readers!!!") are thinking, yes indeed I have taken my "TIME" (my last entry) But I have been preparing myself to be a better blogger. How? Obviously by reading other people's blogs.
There is so much inspiration out there!!! I find myself looking forward every day to see what is going on with them.
I was reading Kathryn's blog "Life on the{scrap}beach" . She is talking about her process for scrapping, fascinating. Then I started thinking, what about the style by which we scrap? What I mean is: What type of scrapbooker are you?
I am, I decided, after commenting on her blog, a chaotic one. I will start off with a clean, spotless space. I will organize all my staff neatly in significantly coded and strategic places on my table allowing plenty of room for my project, the wind will blow my way and voila every item will manage to misplace itself. I can never find the ruler or the tape (I use the ATG gun :red) Forget it if you ever try to borrow a pencil or a pair of scissors...gone!!! All lost in space, oh yeah, remember the space I had left for my project... gone too!!!
Krista and I recently attended a 3 day over night crop. I took a picture of her space to compare to mine. She felt bad and said it was neat because she had just cleaned her table, well me too!!! Picture to follow.
I have scrapped in small spaces sharing 4 ft w/ someone else, all the way to having 2 tables...never enough. But I want you all to know that my pages are very neat, they flow very well, and I always measure (as long as I find one of my rulers!) What is your style?

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