Saturday, June 13, 2009


I must be sick,sick,sick. No matter how much I try, and believe me I do, I can not stop buying papers. I start by looking at it. Then I'll pick it up, and look at it again. I'll flip the pages mesmerized by the colors and/or design. I will then put it back, neatly. I'll hide it under the other packs just in case! Something else will catch my eye for a while. I will try to reason with myself by making a list of all the cons, but in all fairness to the pack of papers, I will soon surpass that list with a list of all the pros.
I will not give in. Another trip down the ribbon isle, and soon my attention will be venture away from "the papers" I know that if I intend to win this battle, I will have to fill my basket (okay cart) with other items. I am very resourceful and will have no trouble engaging my attention elsewhere. After all I also love brads, and bling, and buttons...Oh must not forget the dollar bin full of stamps, and more ribbon, and so many useful things! But if I am seriously considering to walk out "paperless" I need to check out the clearance isle. I am a smart shopper, a dollar saved is a a dollar spent some where else. Speaking of saving I have a coupon!!! I will take those "papers" after all.

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