Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today Tammy forwarded EsteeLynn thoughts on why she scrapbooks. That started me thinking. So I asked myself the question. There are many reasons why I like scrapbooking.
I enjoy the process, meaning the planning of a perfect layout (not that all my work qualifies under this "perfect" heading). Planning the colors, what to use, or in my case what not to use as I tend to over embellish. Choosing the pictures to fit the thought. I also enjoy the people who like scrapbooking. I find them to be unique and yet so familiar. I love the social aspect, and meeting new people, making new friends. The colors and designs of the paper excites me, awakening my creativity, and opening new ways to express my inner self. Learning new techniques entices me, teaching some one what I've learn allows me to share this art.
Scrapbooking means to preserve moments, to make one instance last an eternity. It allows us to share this memories with all who matter. But the most important reason why I scrapbook is because I am. I am the person behind the camera who wants to capture time. The person who chooses to share her visions, I am the scrapbooker.

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Marion said...

Thank you for your comment! I plan to keep up the videos, I may post another 12x12 page this weekend, any requests?