Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gabriels card

Gabriel is my nephew who recently turned 13, girls watch out!!
My sister in law Zoraida celebrated the the occasion on July 4TH.
The party was grand. A presidential celebration befitting for this new teen. Red, white and blue dictated the theme. Flags decorated the many tables. Zoraida took pictures of the guest at the presidential entrance. The food and the music imported the Latin flavor of the hosts and guest.
This is the card that I made for Gabriel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the beatiful card, as soon I saw the star I told them, esa es la tarjeta de Geny, my new teen got 1,400 dollares de regalo could you beleive that? I hope you had a good time, I know Alex did. Yo

Anonymous said...

Love the card. This is the card you made at LCN. Genny you inspire us.