Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I can't belief how fast my days have led into weeks of not updating this blog. "Nada" Spanish for nothing. Well, I could say that I've been extremely busy at work overwhelmed with the overtime, not! Or perhaps preparing for my PhD, not! I could have been involved in a mission such as saving?? lets say anything, but that is not true either . I have become hooked!!! Oh my, You Tube videos, that is where I've been.
I need to keep up with this blog after all that is why I started a blog. Honestly, part of the story is that I need to learn more technical things, so I can really do the things I want to do in this blog.
I have joined Marion's ATC club, this will be my first month. I am excited to swap with other people. I am finding it a little difficult to work on a small scale, remember for me more is better.
I hope the other swappers find my work valuable.

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